Where is the future of laser cutting machines in the PCB industry?

With the continuous improvement of the technical performance advantages of UV laser depaneling machines, laser depaneling is gradually favored by more precision depaneling industries. At present, high-precision laser depaneling is mainly used in flexible circuit boards (PCBs) and precision medical instruments in the field of high-precision machining. PCB circuit board Chinese name is printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board. It is an important electronic component, a support for electronic components, and a carrier for electrical connection of electronic components. With the development of the intelligent electronics industry, the number of layers of PCB is increasing. The smaller the size, the thinner it is, the more electronic components it contains, and the higher the processing precision. .


Advanced laser processing technology can be directly molded at one time. Non-contact processing has no burrs, high precision and high speed. Especially the PCB board with processed components will not cause damage to components, and it is the best choice for many businesses. Throughout the domestic and international PCB laser depaneling, board machine manufacturers, only the technical advantages of large foreign companies to dominate the development of technology applications market. However, domestic large-scale enterprises have in-depth discussions on well-known PCB factories to jointly develop new industry applications, and then promote the application of PCB laser depaneling market.


From the foreign technology manufacturers and large manufacturers to cooperate with the PCB factory can learn two points. First, the application of foreign PCB laser depaneling and sub-board technology is mainly those aspects. Where is the core of the technology? As a domestic manufacturer, it can first imitate, imitate his advantages, imitate his technology, learn from it and experience accumulation. After a certain degree, we can achieve innovation on the basis of imitation and achieve breakthroughs in domestic autonomous technology. Second, the application direction, on the one hand, is to learn the application fields of imported equipment, and to develop the application products in its field; on the other hand, the domestic technology and the well-known PCB manufacturers cooperate in the application of technology and product fields.


At present, the PCB circuit board laser sub-board machine manufacturers need to do the following in the absence of market awareness and insufficient technical reserves: First, the market price is transparent, to be impartial, the price is fair, and the mind will be put In improving product quality. Second, product quality, service quality, product quality, not only to sell the product to reduce the price, the price is reduced, the cost will be reduced, the product quality will not be guaranteed, the service quality lies in the response speed, to improve Service quality and enhance product competitiveness. Third, the market direction needs to have a clear goal, develop towards the goal, and after doing a good job, go to another market and form a virtuous circle.

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