Why should companies use PCB Separator machines?

The consumption of high-strength multi-machines in production itself is very large, so it is normal to have problems when the equipment is working. For the factory, it is very important to extend the life of the equipment. The maintenance of the equipment is not only to improve the service life of the machine, but also to ensure the quality of its work. With the development of the market. Now that SMT PCBA is assembled, an automated PCB separator has been basically replaced by a manual separator. What are the benefits of automated P-boarding instead of labor?

1. PCB board machine, generally used in PCBA processing plant, its purpose is to replace the traditional artificial folding board, improve production efficiency and ensure product quality.

2.pcb circuit board at first glance, is relatively complicated. There will be a dazzling feeling. However, in the actual application, no matter what kind of circuit board, the application principle is not as complicated as we imagined. In the middle of practical applications, the circuit board in pcb is mainly divided into single-sided pcb circuit board, double-sided pcb circuit board, and multi-layer pcb circuit board. From the point of view of the number of faces, the mechanism of the single-sided pcb board is the simplest.

3. Of course, in addition to the consideration of safety issues during the design and construction of the sub-board machine manufacturer, in the actual operation process, the staff should first carefully check the spacing between the upper and lower cutters before opening the power supply of the sub-board, in the sub-board During the use of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the inside of the machine. In any case of machine operation, the protective plate around the blade should not be removed to avoid accidents. In addition, the PCB board machine is only used as a sub-board, and should not be used for other purposes. In the whole process of use, it is necessary to do static electricity protection work, and the staff must wear an electrostatic ring to work.

4. When using the separator, the staff must place the PCB board slot on the fixed tool holder and move the PCB separator in a horizontal position. Do not wear too loose clothes when operating the machine. Hair must be tied up to avoid accidents.

5. During the period when the machine is stopped, the staff should pay attention to the maintenance work, pay attention to the protection of the upper and lower knife positioning plates and the upper and lower blades, remove the surface and internal debris of the machine, and check the machine screws at any time. Fastening condition. If the machine does not work for a long time, you should also remove the upper and lower positioning plates and the upper and lower cutters to apply oil to protect them, and wipe them off before use. In addition, you should check the line for damage before using the machine.

6. In addition, you must do daily maintenance and maintenance, depending on whether the blade is loose to avoid accidents during operation. If the PCB boarding machine needs abnormal maintenance, first ensure that the power cord is disconnected from the socket. , operate to avoid the risk of electric shock. The reason why the separator does not work or does not work properly: lack of battery charger; electrical connection battery and engine off, knife-type separator. Loose wiring or severely oxidized battery rod clamp; electromagnetic switch deflector severely ablate or touch terminal and two bad; excessive brush wear, tensile spring break or electric card stuck in the pen holder; brush in rectifier oil or severe erosion; winding fairing some Short or open circuit; where the armature windings and commutator segments are closed; copper sleeve bearings or wear-generating rotor scanning chambers; the wrong direction of the equipment brush installation of the separator or the new sleeve gap is too large.

PCB separator engine idle speed: The fork device is incorrect, the fork sleeve reel is in the mobile device, and the motor gear of the separator cannot be changed along with the fork. The core of the electromagnetic switch is then set too far between the push rods. The one-way clutch slides and the flywheel ring gear shift can be shared. The motor gear of the separator machine is severely worn by the engine, not with the flywheel ring gear. Normally open electromagnetic switch is usually called normally open electromagnetic switch, the ignition switch is pressed, the core of the electromagnetic switch, it is only sucked, and then it is taken off immediately after being taken out, then they immediately take off and do not reach the recommendation The intention of the engine plane. This disadvantage of the separator indicates that the common cause is to maintain the coil circuit. 

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