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  • Customized Large Workarea PCB Punching Machine
Customized Large Workarea PCB Punching Machine

Customized Large Workarea PCB Punching Machine

  • Product description: Customized Large Workarea PCB Punching Machine

Customized Large Workarea PCB Punching Machine Parameter:



Working area(mm)


Working pressure(Mpa)




Machine size(mm)




Output pressure(T)


Input voltage (V/HZ)


Customized Large Workarea PCB Punching Machine Features:

2.2.1 This punching machine is specially designed for cutting and punching of all kinds of panels with molds, such as FPC and PCB hard board. It can avoid all the problems caused by manual pulling, folding, pliers, shearing, and so on. Flash and other undesirable phenomena.

2.2.2 According to different products or die toolings, arbitrarily adjust the punching speed, punching pressure and punching time.

2.2.3 Easy to replace die toolings, touch screen has die tooling replacement password to ensure safety production.

2.2.4 Vertical movement of lower mold for easy loading and unloading panel

2.2.5 Using two-hand buttons synchronization (1 second) to control, to eliminate human security risks

2.2.6 Use clean gas, no oil, low power, energy saving, easy maintenance, speed and output stability.

2.2.7 Automatic or manual mode is optional, computer counting and program combination, the same day output and total output record at the same time, convenient statistics, and the quasi-quasi-and efficient.(Automatic:this function is only used for testing machine, not used for production)

2.2.8 Pneumatic technology, an air compressor can work for more than one punch, normal use and post-maintenance costs lower than other types of punching machine.

2.2.9 Has stop working and alarm function due to air pressure issue, to ensure adequate power& quality.

Customized Large Workarea PCB Punching Machine Package:

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