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  • Desktop PCB Router
Desktop PCB Router

Desktop PCB Router, CWD-3A

ChuangWei offers a wide choice of PCB routers including 2 desktop models that are available for 650*450mm panels. Universal fixtures & custom fixtures are available to meet customers' requirements. Only loosen 2 screws for a new fixture set-up, and no risk of an operator making the wrong set-up.


  • Desktop Robots
  • Programming using a user-friendly teaching pendant with large. No need to learn complicated programming languages.
  • Vacuum system for Down Vac version sits under the board support fixture for removing debris and dust.
  • 50,000 rpm spindle motor
  • Repeatable accuracy ±.01mm
  • 2 models available up to a work area of 650mm x 450mm
  • Store up to 100 programs or 6000 work points on the memory card resident in the router.
  • ChuangWei will design and build your fixtures
  • For in-line applications, a floor type routing system is available

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